Come take a walk with David…

David has been a Forest School Practitioner for the last 2 years, and has been quite eager to show off his ‘hometown’ of Woodlands. He has also continuously worked with volunteer groups, including youths and people with special needs.

‘Personally, I have a strong feeling for places… And I feel like there are so many good places in my neighborhood. And though there are a lot of residents here that enjoy the parks, Woodlands is still known as “the place you go to before Malaysia”, when it’s so much more than that.’

‘It doesn’t take much to see what should be done… Why are we (as adults) so focused on showing the right way to do things, when we can just take a look at the children and they will tell us all that they know with their actions?’

‘I never believed in special needs. If we take the time to look at each child for who they are, what can you see? If we can see each individual as “special”, maybe you can see that though there might be differences, it has little to do with who they are as a person.’

Personally, he is also taking a unique journey of being a full-time freelancer. The two-year journey, as well as snippets from the past which shaped his experiences will be told in reflection here.

And as we take on this new journey together, I am thankful for trusting me, and taking a chance.

A trial run of weekend programs can be found here (soon!).

A list of frequently asked questions can be found here.

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